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Computer Tool Kit

This Computer Tool Kit contains tools for non-electrical maintenance or computer maintenance. It contains Torx bits that can be inserted into the handle provided, plastic tweezers, a penlight, a DIP/IC extractor and a ratcheting screwdriver. The set contains 16 parts and in furnished in a case with pockets that hold the tools in place.


1 Screwdriver, Ratcheting, 3-way    
2 Socket/Bit Set, 12 Pc    
3 Screwdriver, 2-in-1 Micro    
4 Retriever, Parts 3-prong    
5 Tweezers, Insulated    
6 Extractor, Chip, Insulated    
7 Flashlight, Mini w/AAA batteries    
8 Tool Case, Vinyl, Zippered  
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